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17th December 2013
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BFM Announces of Techno-Sciences Inc.

Orolia is a high technology group whose mission is to ensure the safety, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency of control systems and critical infrastructure. We support our customers with solutions for positioning, navigation, timing, supervision and communication in difficult environments where standard tools are inadequate.

Orolia group businesses develop and market precision electronic systems and software (ranging from distress beacons, tracking systems, atomic clocks, synchronization systems, and much more) to critically manage the "where and when" of people, events or objects.

The group is present in eight countries and sells worldwide. It holds global leadership positions in niche markets related to marine, defense, security, aerospace, aviation and telecommunications, through the innovation of global teams.

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Financial Calendar

  • October 29th 2015
    1st semester results 2015
  • October 30th 2015
    Meeting analysts/investors

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Vessel Monitoring Solutions

Leading provider of Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), we offer a broad set of versatile capabilities to deliver precise, customised tracking and vessel monitoring solutions to governmental agencies and fleet owners.

Our VMS offers

The MOB AIS Beacon

Breakthrough innovation, the SafeLink R10 SRS is a personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) device, designed to be worn by individuals and activated to aid location and recovery of persons in difficulty at sea.

Our AIS beacons

Fly safe with our distress location Beacons

Orolia offers a range of fixed and portable COSPAS-SARSAT 406MHz emergency beacons. From compact Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) – perfect for ultralight and glider pilots – to the most sophisticated Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELTs) for large commercial jets, Orolia has the solution.

Discover our full range of aviation COSPAS-SARSAT Beacons

Exact time, a cornerstone of information systems

Orolia time servers and master clock references allow accurate time-stamping of information processed so military and other critical operations are truly synchronized. Our products are designed specifically for applications requiring security and reliability.

Synchronization solutions