A decade of technological achievements
and external growth operations


Orolia invests in Quasardb


Acquisition of Netwave Systems


Eurazeo becomes the majority shareholder


McMurdo Group’s Techno-Sciences, Inc. Chosen for Australia/New Zealand

McMurdo Group’s Techno-Sciences, Inc. Chosen for Australia/New Zealand MEOSAR Infrastructure Deployment

Merge of the McMurdo Group

McMurdo, Kannad, Boatracs and Techno-Sciences merge to create the McMurdo Division

Acquisition of Techno Sciences Inc

Acquisition of Techno Sciences Inc, an American provider of Search and Rescue Satellite Solutions. This acquisition establishes Orolia as the premier supplier of the Cospas-Sarsat market.

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Deloitte Technology

The group is awarded 3rd place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 5 for the 2nd year

Acquisition of Boatracs

Acquisition of Boatracs, a developer of telematics “machine-to-machine” solutions to the maritime industry


G20Yes Delegation

Member of the French delegation to the G20YES of Nice

Winner of the Fast Technology price from Deloitte

Awarded first place “Fast technology Aerospace” and third place “Fast 5” from Deloitte

Acquisition of Sarbe

Acquisition of Sarbe, manufacturer of military emergency distress beacons


Prize « Audace Créatrice »

Awarded the Creative Boldness Prize « Audace Créatrice » 2010 by the French PM


Orolia Group double in size & becomes N°2 worldwide of distress beacons

Acquisitions of :

  • Rapco Electronics and creation of Orolia Global Services Ltd 
  • the GPS signal generator product line from Space Systems Finland 
  • Kannad and McMurdo. Orolia becomes N°2 worldwide of distress beacons

Merger of Pendulum Instruments and Spectracom

Merger of Pendulum Instruments and Spectracom


Acquisition of Pendulum Instruments

Acquisition of Pendulum Instruments, a European leader in high precision time and frequency test and measurement products

The most precise atomic clock ever placed in orbits to date

SpectraTime receives an ESA Award for the excellent performance of its passive hydrogen maser (PHM) on board Giove-B. Developed in partnership with the Italian company Galileo Avionica, the maser passive hydrogen maser (PHM) is the most precise atomic clock ever placed in orbits to date.


Acquisition of Spectracom

Acquisition of the US based Spectracom


IPO on Alternext Paris


Creation of Orolia

Orolia is created through the spin-off of Temex’s Timing and Synchronization activities


About Orolia

Orolia is the world leader in resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of customers’ critical, remote or high-risk operations. Through its leading Kannad, McMurdo, SARBE, Spectracom and Spectratime brands, Orolia has more than 425 employees and sales presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Leading organizations including Airbus, NASA, Thales, or Raytheon rely on Orolia for fail-safe GNSS and PNT products and solutions for their mission critical needs. Founded in 2006, Orolia has a global presence with offices in China, France, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, India, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

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