This product brief describes the GNSS vulnerability test system built on Spectracom's GSG GPS/GNSS simulator platform.
The threats to GPS-based navigation systems are ever-increasing. The risk of intentional disruption of GPS signals is moving from simple jamming to a much higher-level of sophistication. Spoofing— an attempt to deceive by broadcasting false GPS signals— can be devastating, leading to loss of assets or, worse, lives. While testing the sensitivity to jamming is basic functionality of GPS simulators, measuring the effects of various spoofing scenarios requires a high degree of complexity. Spectracom is at the forefront of testing the vulnerabilities of GPS-based navigation and now offers its capability as a GNSS Vulnerability Test System. For additional reading: Download the article, Testing GNSS Receivers to Harden Against Spoofing Attacks, for technical details on this capability
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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