Continuing its research program on the augmented soldier launched in 2015, the CreC Saint-Cyr, in partnership with the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) and the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) is organizing a day of studies on “Technological innovations to increase the performance of dismounted infantrymen” which will be held on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 in Balard, Paris (France). 

Could the technological revolution compensate for the weaknesses of the soldier on the battlefield, The objective of this study day is to highlight the opportunities and technological bricks allowing an increase in the performance of the combatant by 2035, focusing more precisely on the following themes: 

  • Mobility and Protection
  • Personalized perception and decision support
  • Resistance and endurance. 

Industrialists and researchers will present their latest innovative solutions, with the aim of meeting the operational needs expressed by the forces in the medium term, with a view to promoting the acquisition or retention of a capability superiority over the enemy through technology. 

During this event, Stéphane Chèze, Orolia Systems & Solutions (O2S) Director, will participate in a Roundtable session on October 12th at 5.15 pm CEST along with Safran, CEA-LETI and SYSNAV on the following topics: 

Relative geolocation without GNSS: 

  • 3D reconstruction, SLAM, points of interest, registration on elements 
  • visuals with AI learning technologies 
  • Magneto inertial technology 
  • PNT box (Navigation Position and Time) 
  • Inertial units 


List of speakers for this panel includes: 

  • Stéphane CHÈZE, O2S Director
  • Emmanuel ROBERT, Head of the Land / Sea and R&T inertial units development unit at SAFRAN. 



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