The theme for ITC 2022 Telemetry: The Times They Are A-Changin”

ITC takes pride in addressing the wide range of topics important to the telemetry professional. The exhibit areas showcase the latest systems, and technical sessions lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s systems. Numerous short courses are available to help practicing professionals stay current in their fields.

Committees discuss the challenges of new technology, standards, security, and even the political aspects of securing and protecting the spectral resources we need. If there is a system, technology, theory or standard a telemetry professional needs to do their job, we make a place for it at ITC.

This year, we will be showcasing:

SecureSync® Time and Frequency Reference System – Orolia

White Rabbit ZEN TP-FL – Orolia

TSync Timing Boards – Orolia

VersaSync Rugged GPS Time & Frequency Reference System – Orolia

VersaPNT Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Solution – Orolia