Meet Orolia Defense & Security at SOFIC 2022 in May

SOFIC is the single most important business conference for learning and networking between industry, government, academia, and international partners. Listen to speakers from top USSOCOM leadership and engage in discussions and Q&A sessions with USSOCOM’s Component Commanders, Program Executive Officers, and various acquisition experts across the Command.

This year, Orolia Defense & Security will be showcasing:

BroadSim Solo

Orolia Defense & Security’s BroadSim Solo was developed to bring advanced GNSS scenario creation to your desk and propel development cyles. Powered by Orolia’s Skydel GNSS simulator engine, BroadSim Solo shares the same software-defined benefits as the rest of the BroadSim family such as the ablity to simulate multiple constellations including AES M-Code, an intuitive user interface, high-dynamics, innovative features and ultra-low latency. BroadSim Solo’s compact form factor fits nicely at your desk or workstation without taking it over.


VersaPNT is the first all-in-one Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solution that delivers accurate, software-configurable position, navigation, altitude, time, and frequency signals under any circumstances.


CMOSS is a suite of standards that support the reduction of the size, weight, and power of C5ISR and EW systems while increasing their flexibility and adaptability by enabling the sharing of hardware and software components.

These standards have been defined to help integrators move the implementation of C5ISR capabilities away from the use of costly and complex separate “boxes” on individual platforms.

CMOSS is being included in and managed under the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) initiative with U.S. Military participation.