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Thank you for choosing a GSG 5/6. We’re so glad to have you as a customer! The following resources are designed to help you get up and running fast. Please save this page for reference.

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Key Resources

> GSG 5/6 Online Manual

> GSG 5/6 Datasheet

> Support Documents


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Support Tutorials


Q: How much does StudioView cost?

A: StudioView is now provided by Orolia at no cost to our customers.

Q: Where can I download StudioView?

A: To download StudioView, You can visit our Fileshare system.
Q Where can I register my product?

A. You can register your product here:


Register Here
Q: Where can I find operational information for my GSG 5/6?

A: We have interactive online manuals, datasheets, and infographics available in our Support Knowledge Base. Use the filters on this page to curate your experience. These guides contain the most up-to-date info and are constantly searched using key words.

We also have Case Studies, White Papers, and more for each of our product lines available in our Resources section.

Support Knowledge Base

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Do you have resources for walking users through specific scenarios?

We have prepared a number of Support Resources for our users. We have Support Tutorial Videos in the section up above, and we have Technical Notes, Tutorials, and more in our Support Documents section that you can filter to narrow your results.

Q: What if my question isn’t listed above?

We’re sorry to hear that! What was your question?