BroadShield Interference and Spoofing Detection

With the reliance upon GPS signals becoming more and more common for critical applications, jamming and spoofing detection are emerging as essential components of resilient precision timing systems.

The Challenge

data center

GPS and other GNSS signals play a key role in the operation of critical infrastructure systems such as communications networks, financial systems, power grids, and more. But GPS spoofing and jamming attacks are on the rise.  The combination of low-cost hardware, open source software, and tutorials on YouTube have fostered the proliferation of these malicious devices.

This makes it more critical than ever for designers to protect their GPS-dependent position, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems.


The Solution

Spectracom and Talen-X have aligned hardware and software development efforts to jointly develop, market and sell the most advanced PNT solutions, combining the strengths of leading Spectracom Resilient PNT products with Talen-X’s BroadShield interference and spoofing detection suite.

The Spectracom SecureSync will take full advantage of BroadShield algorithms, which are known for meeting the requirements for Critical Infrastructure published by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Beyond complying with DHS best practices, Talen-X has further enhanced the BroadShield algorithms to go beyond simply detecting various threats, also providing Spectracom SecureSync operators with detailed threat characteristics, real-time situational awareness and recorded data for post event forensic analysis.

BroadShield system diagram

SecureSync Modular Time & Frequency Synchronization Platform

SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time & frequency reference system at the lowest cost of ownership. Military and government applications alike will benefit from its extreme reliability, security, and flexibility for synchronizing critical operations.