Problem We Solve

When designing their security infrastructure, high-risk areas such as casinos and prisons must have a secure and in sync network. They need access control systems, cameras, and a central clock connecting all network security devices.

Why it is Important

These systems are critical to maintaining security and protecting the network from attacks and breaches. These systems can also be needed as evidence in a court of law or investigations through video surveillance and data, alarm, and access logs. This is the system that protects point of sale, e-commerce, and financial systems from data breaches. If theft, civil litigation, or lives are concerns, it’s essential that all systems are set up properly, security is maintained thoroughly, and the proper protocols followed.

How We Solve it

  • A time servers synchronize everything on the network and deliver Legally Traceable Time®, which is critical for using video or data logs as evidence in a court of law.
  • Our EdgeSync product is a network timing edge platform designed to provide high performance, scalability, ease of use, and manageability at a cost-effective price. Its versatile suite of features makes it a great fit for time distribution on the edge.
  • We can write an API that can onboard our machines to nearly any system.
  • EdgeSync utilizes GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou and QZSS), PTP and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) as input references and generates PTP, SyncE, NTP, and timing signals (frequency, 1PPS and ToD) as outputs. It features dual 1 GbE ports for both copper RJ45 and optical network timing connections as well as an independent management port.

It provides all the essential timing interfaces such as GNSS, 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS), Time of Day (ToD) (input/output) and frequency (selectable output). It leverages unique industry-leading PTP algorithms to deliver stringent timing for demanding, precise applications and supports multiple industry PTP profiles for interoperability. An enhanced oscillator and PTP slave capacity option allows to scale EdgeSync to peak levels of performance.

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