Let's Collaborate

Assessing How We Will Work Together

Is Orolia the right fit for you?

We believe selecting a collaborative partner for projects that require essential ingenuity is very important. That’s why we use a Fit Assessment process to help make sure we have the right stuff to meet your needs.

We developed this tool to quickly and comprehensively evaluate how the combination of our skills and capabilities with our existing product platforms, plus those of our technology partners, can be applied to the meet your essential objectives.

Ask us if a Fit Assessment is the next step to making your program a success.

The Fit Assessment Process

It starts with a meeting where our technical experts begin a dialogue with your program/product/project managers and procurement and technical leads to clearly outline needs and expectations. Here are some of the areas we discover and explore:

Project description

• What are the business objectives?

Expected business and technical impact

• What improvements do you expect to see as the result of this project?
• What are possible risks or disruptions that could take place?
• What do you see as the best ways to mitigate risk?

Solutions previously considered

• What solutions have you previously used?
• What internal resources are available?
• Who are your current external providers?
• What requirements do you have for new providers?

Technical feasibility and constraints

• What technical constraints are you facing?
• Do constraints fall into the category of environment, technology or skills?

Competing priorities

• What are competing priorities with the project in terms of timing, budget and management attention?
• What is the required project completion timeline?
• What is the budget allocation?

Providing a Solution

After obtaining answers to these questions and others, we come back to you with a proposal that outlines our best solution, cost and timeline.

We meet with you again to present and review our proposal. We immediately answer any questions you have and explore alternative ideas. The best part is that we often do this within 5-10 days of the Fit Assessment.

Answering the "Fit" Question

We are not always the right fit for a project. We are, however, in the business of securing lifetime customers. So if we are not the right fit, we tell you and help you find a solution.

Our network and partnerships in our technical communities run deep and wide. We will help you in any way we can to get the job done.