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Spectracom Releases PRISMA™ Compliance Reporting Solution

PRISMA™ Compliance is a new reporting solution with True UTC Source Traceability for MiFID II Compliance

PRISMA™ Compliance uses a highly scalable, low latency, time series database by quasarDB that allows real-time reporting with true UTC traceability. It is the first and only reporting solution to take a database-centric approach to gathering, aggregating and reporting on all the elements in a timing network and providing the required reports to satisfy MiFID and FINRA regulations.

Rochester, New York — Spectracom, an Orolia brand, has released PRISMA™ Compliance, the first time sync reporting solution developed specifically for MiFID II and FINRA compliance that was built from the ground up using a high performance database. The drop-in software is the only compliance reporting solution that provides true UTC traceability with real-time reporting, NTP/PTP compatibility and multisite replication for resilience.

"Spectracom partnered with quasarDB because we needed a solution that was capable both of handling the huge quantity of data generated by all of the timing elements in large networks, and would provide fast reporting of that data." said Jeremy Onyan, Spectracom's director for time sensitive networks. "With quasarDB behind it, PRISMA Compliance users can easily produce the reports necessary to satisfy the RTS25 requirement of MiFID in real time – in seconds, not hours."

Onyan said that, unlike other compliance software, PRISMA Compliance collects and aggregates all the relevant information in the timing chain to deliver true offset to UTC, "not just from master to client."

"This capability is key, because both MiFID and FINRA regulations require full traceability to UTC," Onyan said.

PRISMA Compliance is fully compatible with all common versions of NTP and PTP, making it easy to use in both older legacy NTP networks or new, low latency PTP deployments.

For more information, call +1 585-321-5863 or download a data sheet.

Press Release: English version | Deutch version | Chinese version | Japan version

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