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Orolia Secures Asia-Pacific Search and Rescue Leadership Position with Taiwan Contract

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Lanham, MD, May 14, 2018- Orolia announced today that Taiwan has selected its McMurdo Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) ground system to support regional search and rescue missions.

With Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore equipped with Orolia’s innovative Search and Rescue Satellite-aided Tracking (SARSAT) technology, the addition of Taiwan establishes Orolia as the leading provider of SARSAT systems in the Asia-Pacific region. Orolia’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution will deliver the most accurate, reliable data available today.

As part of the contract, Orolia will deliver a six-channel McMurdo Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Local User Terminal (MEOLUT) system and two LEO/MEOLUT single-channel systems which will function as LEOLUTs (Low-altitude Earth Orbit LUTs) when LEOSAR satellites are in view, and as MEOLUT channels for the rest of time. These two LEO/MEOLUT channels will function as fulltime MEOLUT channels when Cospas-Sarsat decommissions the LEOSAR system, ultimately providing an eight-channel MEOLUT system in Taiwan.

This innovative Orolia solution enables customers to refresh their aging LEOLUTs with new hardware that also tracks MEOSAR satellites for access to more accurate positioning, navigation and timing data. This dual technology also enables customers to avoid an expensive upgrade when LEOSAR is phased out.

The Taiwan contract also includes PRISMA MCCNet, which provides a Cospas-Sarsat commissionable LEO/GEO/MEO Mission Control Center. For this project, Orolia will supply hardware, software, installation, systems integration, testing, commissioning, training and program management services.

"We’re proud to bring the world’s leading satellite search and rescue technology to Taiwan," said Paul Zweers, Orolia’s VP Systems and Solutions. "Orolia can improve mission outcomes by reducing rescue times to a matter of minutes, rather than several hours."

Orolia is the global leader in MEOSAR satellite technology and the only provider of end-to-end solutions for search and rescue, from distress beacons and satellite ground infrastructure to mission control centers and rescue coordination centers. Orolia has installed more than half of the world’s MEOSAR satellite ground infrastructure and manufactures 25 percent of the world’s registered beacons.


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