ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 9, 2021 – Orolia, the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions, announced today that it has closed the definitive agreement on schedule to acquire Seven Solutions, a global innovator in White Rabbit sub-nanosecond time transfer and synchronization technology. The acquisition will enhance Orolia’s portfolio for defense, aerospace, data centers, telecom, financial services, smart grids, and other critical infrastructure industries and will enable the next generation applications dependent on ultra-precise, resilient timing and frequency technology.

Orolia and Seven Solutions have started the process of integrating global sales, marketing, engineering and operations. Orolia presents an unparalleled full-scale and modular approach to Resilient PNT, which includes atomic clocks with a combination of GNSS signals protected with Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) technology, together with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) secure alternative signals. The addition of Seven Solutions products will deliver terrestrial sub-nanosecond time distribution from distant and potentially redundant locations improving resiliency.

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