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CNT-90XL Datasheet

On December 23, 2016, an agreement was reached between Altaria Services and Spectracom Corporation for the rights to products marketed under the Pendulum brand.


Please visit the Pendulum Instruments website for current information about this product.

Download Pendulum-CNT-90XL_Microwave-Counter-Analyzer_rev20_Altaria.pdf | 455 KB
MD5 Hash: dff9c4d1e0517701e8e88c2d5cb29d04
SHA-1 Hash: 7f3d3f4d8f8cba0985bceb9919fd2481aa0edb4f
SHA-256 Hash: a30fa45a4609404edf2f6ef8e313de084462b4a931b95dc1fe216a564aba3de4

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