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Compact Flash Health Check for SecureSync 1200/NetClock 9400

Orolia has released a Disk Healthcheck software patch for the SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 Series Products. This patch will provide an assessment of the remaining life that is present on your disk.

NOTE: This download is NOT for SecureSync 2400

Download DiskHealthcheckReleaseNotes.pdf | 410 KB
MD5 Hash: 3c742816197080329819926f58c86576
SHA-1 Hash: 4c99248e2484b2a109724b87cec8357bd91bc7b2
SHA-256 Hash: 3b269dcf81a8257bb2cad7becbfa9261341ee99d31f4e8c2e0ad8710cdcd907a

Download ss_healthcheck_v3.tar.gz | 2 MB
MD5 Hash: b1bb9caab8809f2f32bb72324f01b7ba
SHA-1 Hash: b98a9233da6cf6caa60bbb4aa4d92af8e5d03da7
SHA-256 Hash: aa7c9548f1111c289b462aa09118a4cc363190ab66c42771551be5fe5211634a

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