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Based on PTPBASE-MIB specification from Timing Over IP Connections and Transfer of Clock (TICTOC) Working Group. The EdgeSync utilizes a custom ptpbaseMIB OID of 1588 within mib-2 OID tree vs the released rfc8173 ptpbaseMIB OID of 241 within mib-2 OID tree.

Download PTPBASE-MIB.mib | 102 KB
MD5 Hash: 6694143d58865c18a0d3af66e864334a
SHA-1 Hash: ef7b6aba84d89c08ed862d4609435d63f5991380
SHA-256 Hash: 97d4467c4c3fbc73f4c4cda393a7c459748751375e14cbb27de9ea585bb45803

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