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High resolution frequency measurement resolution using PicoTime + CNT-91

PicoTime, from our sister company, Spectratime, is a small but powerful device that in combination with the Pendulum CNT-91, constitute the perfect set of instruments to measure a wide range of frequencies with an excellent resolution.

Download Improvement-FreqMeasRes-PicoTime-CNT91_AN13_rev3.pdf | 920 KB
MD5 Hash: e363d868f0d6beb946ccd200137f72c1
SHA-1 Hash: 80070d7c283728f839090da9cea2b6d01d87a77e
SHA-256 Hash: 8c024a75be0b1418f35bb69666b0b5c5bc3c7f530a9d553bf448e08fec063edb

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