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Latest SecureSync 2400 Update Files

Update Files for SecureSync 2400 to version 1.4.1

The following files, corresponding to version 1.4.1, are available for download here: the software update file and release notes for SecureSync 2400. Update instructions are available in the release notes and our online manual.

NOTE: If your system is licensed with the Interference Detection Suite option, this bundle does not contain the software for that option. Please contact our service team ( for information on how to update your system including the Interference Detection Suite option software.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

NOTE: This download is NOT for SecureSync 1200

Download update-securesync-1.4.1.tar.gz | 374 MB
MD5 Hash: 6f9afff75e119a565a9f6150250adf69
SHA-1 Hash: ce155d7b3058329604c25be0e55ef550480200c8
SHA-256 Hash: c3b8f04f908ca182d5ec6c6c1c31ee20cb8b0815c51a50ecfb98279b4647f66d

Download SecureSync-2400-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver1.4.1.pdf | 695 KB
MD5 Hash: e58b398bdb549e5fa123eaddf264db47
SHA-1 Hash: f571b593973f75f6eb301dde89e5132849a6fbb5
SHA-256 Hash: 3aaacef424642332470ef4fbbab077f43e412d505946d93879c6c4b49f4b426a

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