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SASE Update V.1.43

Binary file to upgrade a unit in the field. Current version is 1.43.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download sase_01.43.tgz | 3 MB
MD5 Hash: bb6c455a2735daf6e1e99117eaed8cbc
SHA-1 Hash: eee7809f5de1f6bcb2aefb59cdebbfeb88c58784
SHA-256 Hash: fdee8fe6b9bb2ad44dad2a4357ff50bcf6ac4cec2c7d52a766ca2043d97e31f6

Download Design-Change-Notice-SAS-E-17381-2_releaseV1_43.pdf | 146 KB
MD5 Hash: 5a6bcdcc4d86b756780fe40222549acd
SHA-1 Hash: 045dae3b51cee66c10b22cb7798542fc18e561f2
SHA-256 Hash: 91a60ad1b1d465b15ffbc232187f18e04a9e105b9c265c1813b6d1674a23acaf

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