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TSync-PCIe: Firmware Upgrade, 3.4.7

TSync-PCIe Firmware Upgrade Files, Ver 3.4.7

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Download | 912 KB
MD5 Hash: de5c97f1686e8b66cccaec06635328f1
SHA-1 Hash: d8253da4762dbe0bccef39cb5bc74d2f0e5c6a0a
SHA-256 Hash: 7565de66affb6e5beda7670e50408b7656d0b63baa1181e0de32074f3883bfa0

Download TSync-firmware-v3.4.7-release-notes.pdf | 213 KB
MD5 Hash: 896704d5e37dd5f39fcd474108eeca45
SHA-1 Hash: 29669ef04c3af4f9b2623006d847c4cd2edeeca5
SHA-256 Hash: 8adb45c515d7bef7ce20e758dee83857d25b0e6bd95e2e42e4fecf782065823d

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