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Update Files for SecureSync 1200/NetClock 9400 to version 5.8.8

The following files, corresponding to version 5.8.8, are available for download here: the software update file, the update instructions for SecureSync 1200, update instructions for NetClock 9400, release notes for SecureSync 1200 and release notes for NetClock 9400. If you have been instructed to "clean" before applying the update, click here to download the cleaner utility.

NOTE: If your system is licensed with the Interference Detection Suite option, this bundle does not contain the software for that option. Please contact our service team ( for information on how to update your system including the Interference Detection Suite option software.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

NOTE: This download is NOT for SecureSync 2400

Download update588.tar.gz | 133 MB
MD5 Hash: 8e732c28dbacf8ff6078bdb6089de600
SHA-1 Hash: 7f8d1e47509ed1585d987de290c731709e198bb1
SHA-256 Hash: 457f3160d5c19e31c4c155cc120c67e07675af95b5e4f12cc9f906ea4c661394

Download SecureSync_SW_UpgradeInstructions_SW_Ver5.8.8.pdf | 2 MB
MD5 Hash: cd795123269f7b70a734a9e3f355fcf5
SHA-1 Hash: 0fc2fa172f937866a17105b81a0005c9e7716a8f
SHA-256 Hash: cda7b145c60658ae6248cc548cf04419f322aa0c91855146b5f74cb8401cb8ed

Download SecureSync-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver5.8.8.pdf | 717 KB
MD5 Hash: c699d4cee5f769e5692bab2e44dab6f1
SHA-1 Hash: fd0f3f33b1eccbd2027d8192fda04f3f9810cad3
SHA-256 Hash: 6d1072777e6cc4eb4dab2696f1c37801645be2e0c6f923ec982358171cc90bc9

Download NetClock_SW_UpgradeInstructions_SW_Ver5.8.8.pdf | 2 MB
MD5 Hash: e11617ea592aef110198edb6a08221db
SHA-1 Hash: 56bde36f441bc6ce0a25f766c2827c39d13aa354
SHA-256 Hash: 0ba3afb97534f3a69cb773233de6f890f7b6d057ce50e347e8f10bde4b36f2f8

Download NetClock-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver5.8.8.pdf | 710 KB
MD5 Hash: b425799cf01039208ab809f07dc31d2b
SHA-1 Hash: 3496bc3aae2c630d6025032989a86e0817737201
SHA-256 Hash: 2bbf31573879960e99f29f5a80bfe7c8abfd871ba8ea7fa8740e432c7949e5da

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