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Update Files for VelaSync to version 1.1.0

The following files, corresponding to version 1.1.0, are available for download here: the software update file and release notes.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download prisma_velasync_110.tar.gz | 256 MB
MD5 Hash: 8bea70430c8cfd7ec8c45a5b0613b010
SHA-1 Hash: 5ccc51f1f983ef6ebd56a65692d2faeeb3dd7275
SHA-256 Hash: 73503ccfb789415baaccdebcacaf05358e5d79da8fbac483c4d04e92d55c682b

Download VelaSync-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver1.1.0.pdf | 314 KB
MD5 Hash: 00c49c3573c6d0f51d58b3f52c4d9a6d
SHA-1 Hash: 5483b6e5255b424f83d7342100938400c6710127
SHA-256 Hash: b57e66af21ee59d72c8da49a60486a9d4ef8127f4a3cab8a8dd8cd2ce7715afc

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