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Update files for VersaSync (non-SAASM) to Release 1.3.1

Compressed file and md5 hash for VersaSync and VersaPNT software release 1.3.1 (non-SAASM). All fielded Versa units should upgrade to this version.

Please contact your sales representative or Orolia customer service if you need software for a SASSM Versa unit. A separate link will then be provided.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download VersaSync_VersaPNT_ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver1.3.1.pdf | 299 KB
MD5 Hash: d1b99ee817261f4b6fc36a50d2353b29
SHA-1 Hash: b4e26b061d85f3eed4ad8429a3502f3ae02fdec4
SHA-256 Hash: dd552bfbe809bd1ef083b3812538aaff20f1d2a145e56325e7d458b6abef4faf

Download VersaSync_UserManual_PN1228-5000-0050_R6.pdf | 8 MB
MD5 Hash: ddda47ad62eb4f73a9a9cc07c559fea2
SHA-1 Hash: 3d6815cce210acca89ae8574c34c33bc086285d0
SHA-256 Hash: 7c4689ae075ee54ffd3993a2a1313c6c99aeed22709a77a25551ba330ec41cfc

Download VersaPNT_UserManual_PN1228-5000-0052_R1.pdf | 23 MB
MD5 Hash: 26ee3c0ec26a9c89017b3b72bd07255a
SHA-1 Hash: b84c94045c2baa14cbb2bdb2cbc4bc6fc82aa7fe
SHA-256 Hash: 9515dda0ceffe464f34c0ed0e3e201de7aa228bcf1ab0ff63733f8893efc2aa3

Download update-versasync-1.3.1d.tar.gz | 88 MB
MD5 Hash: 672986292b5b804abc56d586fd3fd1e6
SHA-1 Hash: 86f9971c906c1d12f66f14613f4661233027d4d5
SHA-256 Hash: b572810ff3146efebad119f960dbc313b5e52a27b865abc5eb87307d3c6f4f41

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