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Spectracom Support Bulletins

Computer with PCI express timing card hangs on reset

A certain type of message without a data payload after a long idle period such as a reboot (such as a power management enable signal) from a computer’s PCI express controller to the Spectracom TSync-PCIe timing card can prevent the OS from booting up, or cause the card to ‘disappear’ from the OS

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September 22, 2014TSYNC, TSYNC-PCIe
DDoS / Amplification Attack using ntpdc monlist command

Spectracom disables NTP queries by default so is not at risk for the vulnerability described in CVE-2013-5211. However we recommend you verify the NTP server has not been configured to allow queries or you have adequate network security to reduce the risk of an attack due to monlist

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January 20, 2014securesync
Dirty COW Vulnerability (CVE-2016-5195)

Spectracom products running LINUX are only susceptible if an attacker is able to successfully authenticate with the product and gain shell access. This Linux vulnerability can only be exploited if an attacker is able to successfully authenticate with the product and gain shell access. We eliminated the vulnerability in the 5.7.0 release for SecureSync and NetClock 9400.

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July 11, 2017LMR, netclock, PTP, securesync, SecureSync Option, SecureSync SAASM, SecureSync-Enterprise, SecureSync-Platform, Skylight, VelaSync, VersaSync
Epsilon Clock Issue: 2019 GPS Rollover Event

Orolia would like to take this opportunity to inform our customers about a potential concern regarding the 2019 GPS Rollover Event scheduled for April 7, 2019.

In the process of testing the 2019 rollover event, the Orolia Engineering department has determined that this year’s event will potentially affect a limited volume of equipments embedding a Trimble Lassen IQ receiver, despite a Rollover week event compliant notice from the vendor. As a result, the time code may be affected but the GPS will remain locked. The following products have been identified:

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March 13, 2019EC20S, ec22s
Freeing Up Disk Space Before a Software Update

When performing a software upgrade, a SecureSync or NetClock 9400 requires additional disk space. It is recommended to ensure memory usage is less than 70% before upgrading. If memory usage is more than 70%, save and delete logs and previous update files

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March 14, 2016netclock, securesync
Front panel and Web User Interface show the IP address as “”

The IP address will be displayed on the front panel as (as shown below) and also in the Web User Interface (UI), if the Ethernet port is not connected to a network hub, switch or a stand-alone PC.

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December 6, 2013securesync
GPS leap second handling error

When GPS started broadcasting the leap second notification on July 19, 2016 for activation on Dec 31, some GPS timing receivers erroneously inserted the leap second resulting in a 1 second time error.

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July 20, 2016Epsilon Clock, netclock, securesync, TSYNC
GSG GPS Simulator and StudioView Software Latest Release

We have released new versions of firmware and software for your Spectracom GPS/GNSS GSG-5 or GSG-6 series simulator.

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July 19, 2017GSG, GSG-5x, GSG-6x, StudioView
GSG StudioView Can’t Load Google Maps

Due to a change in the Google Maps API, older versions of StudioView can not load Google Maps

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February 15, 2015GSG, StudioView
Heartbleed Bug

The vulnerability in Open SSL, known as the Heartbleed bug, makes some Spectracom products susceptible. A software patch fixes the bug. Alternatively network access controls, shutting down the management port, and changing user passwords are mitigating actions.

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April 17, 2014securesync
How to Replace the Battery in a SecureSync or NetClock 9400

SecureSync time and frequency synchronization system and NetClock 9400 time server/master clock contains a Lithium Battery for the purpose of providing power to the real time clock on the processor board.

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February 19, 2014securesync
HTTPS Certificate Request will not accept my Passphrase

Non- Alpha numeric characters are not accepted in the Certificate Request in the new SecureSync or 9400 web browser firmware versions 5.1.4.

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April 25, 2014securesync
NTP Vulnerabilities Prior to Version 4.2.8p10

Several vulnerabilities were recently reported in ntpd currently used in application software version 5.6.0 or below. The 5.7.0 release resolves these vulnerabilities with the update to NTP version 4.2.8p10.

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April 29, 2017netclock, securesync
Required Update for SecureSync / NetClock 9400 Running v5.0.2

Spectracom SecureSync and NetClock 9400 units need a certain amount of free space on its compact flash memory. A bug in version 5.0.2 continuously creates log entries during normal operation which over a long period of time will consume memory that will compromise correct operation of the unit.

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March 16, 2016netclock, securesync
Satellite Data Plot Problems

If the satellite data plot does not show any data, click on the “Satellite Data” tab a second time.

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August 4, 2014GSG
SecureSync 1200 – Certificate of Volatility

Certificate of Volatility for Spectracom SecureSync 1200 SecureSync® Time & Frequency Reference Solution

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February 14, 2020Frequency References, PTP Grandmasters, securesync, SecureSync LMR, SecureSync SAASM, SecureSync-Enterprise, SecureSync-Platform, Time - Frequency Distribution, Time Server, Time-Frequency References
SecureSync 1200 / NetClock 9400 Compact Flash Preventive Maintenance

Our SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 line of products have an internal compact flash (CF) card which handles the day to day logging of critical operations within your appliance. As more and more operations occur and logging functions increase, CF cards can wear-out over time and require a replacement to maintain their logging capabilities.

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May 16, 2019netclock, securesync, Time Server, Time-Frequency References
SecureSync and NetClock 9400 Core Processing Module Upgrade

New shipments of the SecureSync Time & Frequency Synchronization Platform, including NetClock 9400 Series Time Servers, include an upgraded version of the core processing module. The new version will provide users with faster processing speeds and enhanced memory functionality. The new processor requires at least version 5.7.0 of the firmware.

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September 15, 2017netclock, securesync
SecureSync Options – Certificate of Volatility

Certificate of Volatility for Spectracom SecureSync® Option Cards

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February 14, 2020Frequency References, PTP Grandmasters, securesync, SecureSync Option, SecureSync-Platform, Time - Frequency Distribution, Time Server, Time-Frequency References
Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754)

Spectracom products are only susceptible if an attacker can successfully authenticate with the product and gain command line shell access. Malware is required to be run locally within the system to exploit these vulnerabilities. Spectracom recommends following good security practices, including applying software updates containing the latest security patches as they become available, and applying policies and settings that protect and limit access to authorized and trusted users. We are working to update our operating systems and software as they become available to resolve these potential vulnerabilities within the affected products. We will update this bulletin as new information becomes available.

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January 5, 2018netclock, securesync, VelaSync, VersaSync
Troubleshooting GPS test configurations for SAASM-based receivers

Documentation is available for testing SAASM receivers when using a GNSS simulator.

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September 25, 2014GSG
TSYNC – Certificate of Volatility

Certificate of Volatility for Spectracom TSync PCIe Bus-level Timing Boards

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