EdgeSync is a network timing edge platform designed to provide high performance, scalability, ease of use, and manageability at a cost-effective price. Its versatile suite of features makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Request Quote Watch on-demand Demo (7 min)

Timing on the Leading Edge

EdgeSync utilizes GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou and QZSS), PTP and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) as input references and generates PTP, SyncE, NTP, and timing signals (frequency, 1PPS and ToD) as outputs. It features dual 1 GbE ports for both copper RJ45 and optical network timing connections as well as an independent management port.

It provides all the essential timing interfaces such as GNSS, 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS), Time of Day (ToD) (input/output) and frequency (selectable output). EdgeSync also provides IEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2) Grandmaster and Boundary Clock functionality at a low total cost of ownership. It leverages unique industry-leading PTP algorithms to deliver stringent timing for demanding, precise applications and supports multiple industry PTP profiles for interoperability. An enhanced oscillator and PTP slave capacity option allows to scale EdgeSync to peak levels of performance.


Getting Started/Support Hub
Key Features:
  • Network Timing Interfaces: Dual 1 GbE RJ-45/SFP Ports
  • IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2): Master, Slave, IPv4/v6, Ethernet Layer 2, Multicast, Unicast Transport, E2E, P2P Delay Mechanisms
  • Synchronous Ethernet: Master, Slave, RJ-45 port or Optical SFP, ESMC Support
  • Network Timing Protocol: SNTP Server (IETF RFC 4330), IPv4 Unicast, Manycast and Broadcast Modes
  • PTP Profile Support: Default, Telecom: ITU-T G.8265.1 (Telecom Frequency), ITU-T G.8275.1 (Telecom Phase/Frequency Full On Path), ITU-T G.8275.2 (Telecom Phase/Frequency Partial On Path), Power: IEEE PC37.238 (Power Profile), IEEE 61850 (Power Utility Profile), SMPTE
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Support and Documentation

EdgeSync Datasheet
pdf (329KB)
Timing & Traceability Package by Hoptroff and Orolia
pdf (249KB)
EdgeSync Brochure
pdf (16,421KB)
Considerations for Edge Master Deployment
pdf (1,639KB)
EdgeSync User Manual
pdf (4,251KB)

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