Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System

Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System

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SAS-E is a high performance, highly manageable and reliable solution for distributing time and frequency signals for satcom, digital TV or audio broadcast, microwave links, satellite ground stations applications.

The Epsilon™ Switch and Amplifier System (SAS-E) provides a cost effective way to extend distribution of time and frequency signals (pulse, low phase noise frequency signal, Time of Day), as a signal amplifier. Thanks to analog amplification, SAS-E adds very little phase noise to the input frequency and ensures high RF isolation. It is therefore suitable for reference frequency distribution towards transmitters, up-converters, micro-wave links. Pulse regeneration is transparent to pulse duration and period: SAS-E is therefore suitable for distribution of any pulse encoded signal like 1 pps, DCLS IRIG, etc.

Key Details:
  • Large signal distribution
  • Frequency signal (1 to 16 MHz range)
  • Serial time code message (ToD) (RS-232 serial line)
  • Customization available
  • Very low additional phase noise
  • Redundant source monitoring
  • Fast switching
  • External clock status (relay contact)
  • Remote management by SNMP/HTTP through Ethernet port

Documentation and Support

SAS-E Epsilon Switch and Amplifier System IP Manageable Datasheet
pdf (239KB)
Premium Support Package Summary
pdf (171KB)

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