Kannad 406 Survival

Kannad 406 Survival

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Product Description

The 406 Survival is designed to be installed in the aircraft cabin. Through the three frequency transmitter – 406, 243 & 121.5 MHz, the ELT provides a direct connection to global Search And Rescue (SAR) services when an emergency situation occurs.

The Kannad 406 Survival ELT can be installed inside an aircraft on a mounting bracket or in a carry-off bag.


  • Installation in the cabin or stowed inside the life raft
  • Selected by UNITED AIRLINES
  • Can be installed on “mounting bracket, AS” or in a “carry-off bag, AS”
  • Automatically activated in contact with water
  • Fitted with a TNC antenna receptacle
  • Mounting bracket AS or AS-PLUS or carry-off bag must be ordered separately
Key Features:
  • Survival ELT: type ELT (S)
  • Three frequency transmitter (121.5 / 243 / 406 MHz)
  • 6 year battery life-time
  • Dimensions: Antenna deployed: 590 mm x 160 mm x 160 mm
  • Packed: 290 mm x 165 mm x 165 mm
  • On mounting bracket: 300 mm x 162 mm x 160 mm
  • Weight (including battery, auxiliary antenna and flotation collar): typical 1305 g / max 1376 g

Support and Documentation

Installation and Operation Manual Kannad 406 Survival DOC06056F
pdf (2,029KB)
pdf (140KB)
Kannad ELT Product Safety Information
pdf (1,182KB)

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