SecureSync IDM Suite

SecureSync IDM Suite

Orolia’s SecureSync Interference Detection Suite includes a package of jamming and spoofing detection algorithms. Request a Quote


Working with standard SecureSync GPS/GNSS receivers, this innovative solution employs unique software algorithms to detect anomalies in the GPS signal, including unintentional interference and malicious attacks. The integrated solution provides notification, alarming and automatic disabling of GPS/GNSS synchronization.

Defense markets have been able to deploy SAASM receivers capable of utilizing encrypted signals to defeat spoofing, but nothing has been commercially available to protect systems with standard GPS/ GNSS receivers until now.

Armed with feedback from detected anomalies, the SecureSync Interference Detection Suite can mitigate potential performance degrading effects by automatically disabling GPS/GNSS synchronization and switching to other available input references or transitioning into holdover utilizing the precise internal oscillator. Integration into the notification system means that detected events are logged, alarms are generated, and notifications are sent, providing real-time situational awareness.

Key Features:
  • Jamming and spoofing detection algorithms
  • Works with standard SecureSync GPS/GNSS receivers
  • No additional hardware required
  • Automatic switch to backup synchronization or holdover on detection of GPS/GNSS interference

Documentation and Support

SecureSync IDM Data Sheet
pdf (152KB)
SecureSync Platform Capabilities Brochure
pdf (1,540KB)
BroadShield Datasheet
pdf (991KB)

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