SecureSync® Time and Frequency Reference System

SecureSync® Time and Frequency Reference System

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Embedded Protection

SecureSync now offers embedded interference detection to help you identify the presence of jamming and spoofing.

Interference detection is a key enabler for greater resiliency in critical infrastructure, as defined in the DHS Resilient PNT conformance framework and the federal PNT Executive Order. SecureSync customers can now take an important step forward with the recommended Prevent, Respond, and Recover PNT protection steps through the seamless integration of proven interference detection technology.

SecureSync is built on a scalable, flexible and highly configurable platform to offer precisely what customers need at the lowest cost of ownership. In addition to interference detection, greater resiliency on SecureSync is available through a multi-layered approach that can leverage anti-jam antennas, Orolia’s complete Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) suite which includes spoofing detection, as well as time error minimization with high performance internal oscillators. Qualified military customers are also eligible for secure military signals such as SAASM and M-Code.


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Key Features:
  • Multi-GNSS configurations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
  • Internal precision time-keeping via TCXO, OCXO, or Rubidium oscillator
  • Secure network management and control
  • Built-in high-performance NTP server, PTP options
  • Low phase noise frequency options
  • Supports M-Code, SAASM

Product Documentation

SecureSync 1200 Datasheet
pdf (237KB)
SecureSync 2400 Datasheet
pdf (601KB)
Option Module Cards for SecureSync Datasheet
pdf (523KB)
SecureSync Platform Capabilities Brochure
pdf (1,540KB)
Online User Reference Guide, SecureSync 1200 Time and Frequency Synchronization System
External Link
Online User Reference Guide, SecureSync 2400 Time and Frequency Synchronization System
External Link
Declaration of Conformity for SecureSync 1200
pdf (46KB)

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