Skydel Anechoic

Skydel Anechoic

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A Powerful and Proven Pair

Skydel Anechoic allows users to accurately simulate real-world GNSS environments in their Anechoic Chambers. Skydel Anechoic has 32 individual RF outputs enabling the system to drive 16 dual-frequency antennas. Revolutionary features like automatic antenna mapping, automatic time delay calibration, and automatic power loss calibration are what make Skydel Anechoic the most advanced Anechoic Chamber simulator on the market today.

Key Features:
  • Sixteen Transmit Chains
  • 48 dB Amplifier
  • 80 dB Variable Attenuator
  • -18 dB Monitor Port
  • 20 dB Isolator
  • Automatic Antenna Mapping
  • Automatic Time Delay Calibration
  • Automatic Power Loss Calibration
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Documentation and Support

Skydel Anechoic
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