Skydel GNSS Simulation Software

Skydel GNSS Simulation Software

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All Constellations, All Signals

A solution ready to scale with your needs, simulate all visible satellites for all constellations and all frequencies with a 1000 Hz iteration rate and ultrahigh dynamics. Create scenarios and update them on-the-fly.

Interference Simulation

Advanced jamming and spoofing on Orolia’s software-defined platform allows users to simulate multiple threats simultaneously. Skydel software automatically determines signal dynamics between each, saving you time.


Open Source Plugins and Community

Our Skydel forum connects you directly with users like you across many industries and leading research universities. Our plugin Github is host to everything you need to tailor Skydel to your simulation needs.

Powerful Automation

Easy to use and comprising hundreds of commands, Skydel’s API brings an unparalleled level of control over simulation, enabling you to build complex, elaborate and repeatable scenarios with open source client libraries for Python, C# and C++.

Changing the Approach

The way the world thinks about GNSS simulation today is not the same as even a few years ago, thanks to leaps in technology with software-defined radios and COTS components. Compared to traditional FPGA-based simulators, Orolia’s advanced solutions are inherently more flexible, scalable, customizable, upgradeable and cost-effective.

Orolia’s Skydel Simulation Engine offers the best of both worlds: the performance you expect from a top-grade GNSS simulator, coupled with the economy of scale and flexibility of the GPU/SDR architecture.

Packed with a rich feature set including a 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, remote control from user-defined scripts, and a virtually unlimited number of channels, Skydel offers unmatched flexibility and scalability.

And all of this, packaged in a well-thought-out user interface.

What are you waiting for?

Why Choose Skydel?:
  • Easy configuration with intuitive UI and automation
  • Supports all major global constellations & frequencies
  • Comprehensive API (Python, C#, C++, LabVIEW)
  • Advanced signal customization and scenario creation
  • Modify variables and parameters in real time
  • Integrate interference with no additional hardware
  • IQ file generation and playback
  • 1000Hz simulation iteration rate
  • Record and export user interactions as Python script

Documentation and Support

Skydel Datasheet
pdf (587KB)
Skydel RTCM Plug-In User Manual
pdf (1,142KB)
Online User Manual, Skydel Software-Defined GNSS Simulator
External Link
Skydel CDM-5 Datasheet
pdf (672KB)

Case Studies

The world’s most critical applications rely on Orolia solutions. Check out some of our case studies, and reach out when you are ready to discuss how Orolia can solve your PNT challenges.

GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Ensures Critical Space Mission Readiness

GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Ensures Critical Space Mission Readiness

An Orolia customer that provides solutions for national security missions needed two perfectly synchronized GPS simulators that could simulate…

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GSG-8 and SecureSync Platforms Combined to Support GMV in the RIPTIDE Project

GSG-8 and SecureSync Platforms Combined to Support GMV in the RIPTIDE Project

Discover how GMV utilized the GSG-8 and SecureSync platforms in the development of a robust PNT framework to limit the impact of GNSS…

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Orolia’s GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Drives R&D Testing for Stellantis (formerly FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

Orolia’s GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Drives R&D Testing for Stellantis (formerly FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

Discover how the flexible and scalable GSG-8 platform delivered a cost-effective and high-end precision GNSS testing to the automotive industry.

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