Spectratime FemtoStepper

Spectratime FemtoStepper

The FemtoStepper™ is a high-performance, high-resolution phase & frequency synthesizer. Get a Quote

FemtoStepper Overview

It features an advanced < 100 fs resolution step to control and adjust the output drift of a primary reference clock or standard, such as an active hydrogen maser clock, without changing its behavior. The drift can be automatically compensated through the AutoDrift feature. It is designed for clock ensemble modeling and time & frequency generation from a clock ensemble system.


  • Clock ensemble/drift modeling systems
  • Time & frequency generation from clock ensembling systems
  • Time scale for metrology lab systems
  • GNSS navigational systems
  • Time generation system for GNSS ground time monitoring facilities
Key Features:
  • 10 MHz Input
  • 4x 10 MHz, 4x 1PPS Output
  • Tempco (input vs output): ≤20ps⁄C
  • Temp: 20 to 30C
  • Relative freq offset 1E-17
  • Phase step (10MHz out) 100fs | 0.1ps
  • Phase offset vs. outputs: ≤10ns
  • Power (operating) < 40w after warm-up
  • Voltage: > 85-264VAC or 22-28VDC
  • Size: 445x300x88mm (2U) | 17.51x11.81x3.46"
  • Weight: 6 Kg | 211.64 lbs

Support and Documentation

iTest+ FemtoStepper Spec
pdf (420KB)
iTest+ FemtoStepper User Manual
pdf (783KB)

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