Spectratime MiniRAFS Rb Atomic Frequency Standard

Spectratime MiniRAFS Rb Atomic Frequency Standard

The MiniRAFS is a cost-effective, ultra-high performance, miniaturized, space-qualified rubidium frequency standard. Get a Quote

MiniRAFS Oscillator Overview

It’s designed with the latest technologies, providing advanced features, such as long lifetime, high reliability, ultra lightweigth and ultra low phase noise, for next-generation space applications.


  • GNSS/GPS navigational systems
  • SAR systems
  • FGU systems
  • MRO systems
Key Features:
  • Size (WxHxL) 107.5x67.5x53.5mm | 423x2.65x2.1"
  • Weight 0.45 Kg | 0.99 lbs
  • Lifetime/MTBF > 20 yrs / < 1000 fit --1200-->
  • Power (operating) < 10W
  • Voltage 15.5-16.5V digital, 3.5-5V
  • Accuracy: < 2E-10 after launch & commissioning, < 1E-10 under vacuum at delivery
  • Output 60 MHz and 10 MHz auxiliary

Support and Documentation

iSpace+ miniRAFS Spec
pdf (1,053KB)

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