Spectratime mRO-50

Spectratime mRO-50

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The SWaP-C Difference

What is SWaP-C?

Size, Weight, Power and Cost.

Multiplied together, they produce a number that limits the possible use cases the higher it is, particularly in application areas where these factors count:

  • When payload is measured to the gram
  • When you don’t have an inch to space
  • When power needs to be conserved
  • When cost is critical

The Spectratime mRO-50 is a breakthrough low SWaP-C Miniaturized Rubidium Oscillator designed to meet the latest commercial, military and aerospace requirements where time stability and power consumption are critical.

It provides a one day holdover below 1µs and a retrace below 1 x 10-10 in a form factor (50.8 x 50.8 x 19.5mm) that takes up only 51 cc of volume (about one-third of the volume compared to standard rubidiums) and consumes only 0.45W of power, or about ten times less than existing solutions with similar capabilities.

The Spectratime mRO-50 Miniaturized Rubidium Oscillator provides accurate frequency and precise time synchronization to mobile applications, such as military radio-pack systems in GNSS denied environments. Its wide-ranging operating temperature of -10°C to 60°C is also ideal for UAVs and underwater applications.

Key Features:
  • High accuracy and stability atomic frequency clock
  • Low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost)
  • Enhanced MAC (Miniature Atomic Clock) technology
  • Standard quartz oscillator pinouts
  • MAC / SA.3x compatible pinouts
  • RoHS compliant
  • APPLICATIONS: Telecom, Navigation, Broadcast, Defense, Battery Powered Instruments

Documentation & Support

Spectratime mRO-50 Datasheet
pdf (417KB)
Spectratime mRO-50 Manual
pdf (1,303KB)
Spectratime mRO-50 Evaluation Kit Manual
pdf (2,177KB)

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