Spectratime PicoTime-1U

Spectratime PicoTime-1U

The PicoTime-1U is a low-cost, high-performance clock ADEV (Allan Deviation) stability analyzer. Get a Quote

Product Description

It features a cutting-edge 1ps resolution to compare and measure the phase and frequency stability of a clock, such as a Rubidium, against an external GPS/GNSS reference standard. It’s ideally designed for crystal, rubidium and cesium clock characterization, clock short term stability and ADEV measurements, and clock calibration applications.


  • Clock ADEV stability measurement & analysis systems
  • Clock calibration systems
Key Features:
  • Clock DUT input 1-30 MHz
  • Reference Input 10 MHz from GPS/GNSS
  • Tempco (phase time) < 20ps⁄C
  • Temp 15 to 30C
  • Power (operating) < 10w after warm-up
  • Voltage > 85-264 VAC
  • Size (WxHxL) 445x300x44mm (1U) | 17.51x11.81x1.73"
  • Weight 3.5 Kg | 123.4 lbs

Support and Documentation

PicoTime-1U Manual
pdf (1,164KB)
PicoTime-1U Spec
pdf (685KB)
Picotime Manager Software
zip (3,529KB)

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