Spectratime StarLPRO-1500 Rubidium Oscillator

Spectratime StarLPRO-1500 Rubidium Oscillator

The StarLPRO-1500 is a low-cost, smart rubidium oscillator source compatible with the old Datum LPRO Rb package. It replaces and is compatible with the old Spectratime LPFRS/LPRO model. Get a Quote

StarLPRO-1500 Oscillator Overview

It replaces and is compatible with the old Spectratime LPFRS/LPRO model. The StatLPRO allows customers to reduce their cost and seamlessly upgrade deployed systems with dying or aging Datum LPRO rubidium oscillators, while using the smart features of the StarLPRO to achieve higher performance and reliability and extended lifetime.


  • Mobile & wired telecom infrastructures
  • Broadcasting systems
  • Military communications, surveillance, tracking & guidance systems
  • High precision instruments
  • Time & frequency systems
Key Features:
  • Output 10 MHz
  • Accuracy @ shipment typ. < 5x11 at 25C
  • Tempco< 2E-10
  • Temp 0 to 60C
  • Aging < 5E-11/mth
  • Warm-up time @ 25C 12 min, 5E-10
  • Power (operating) < 7-14W
  • Voltage 24V
  • Warmup < 38W
  • Size (WxHxL) 128x95x38.1mm | 5x3.74x1.5"
  • Weight 234 g | 8.25 oz

Support and Documentation

iSource+ StarLPRO-1500 Manual
pdf (681KB)
iSource+ StarLPRO-1500 Spec
pdf (443KB)
iSource+ Rubidium Clock Lifetime and MTBF Data
pdf (262KB)

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