SRO-5680 Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator

SRO-5680 Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator

The ultra-low noise SRO-5680 GPS/GNSS-disciplined rubidium oscillator (GPSDO) features an EMI-shielded, rugged packaging, while integrating complex synchronization functionality all in one low-cost, super-small package. Request Quote View Data Sheet

SRO-5680 Oscillator Overview

It is compatible with the FEI-5680 Rb model and utilizes the SmarTiming+® technology to provide a host of integrated GPS/GNSS disciplining and timing features. The SRO intelligently synchronizes, disciplines, and controls any primary 1PPS reference signal, such as GPS/GNSS, Cesium, Hydrogen Maser, and T1/E1, at cutting-edge 1ns resolution. Its slim and rugged packaging and ultra low noise features make it greatly suitable for next gen SATCOM, airborne and other stringent MIL applications.


  • Mobile & wired telecom/datacom infrastructures
  • Military communications, SATCOM & surveillance systems
  • High precision instruments
  • Time & frequency systems
Key Features:
  • Output 10 MHz
  • Input 1PPS from GPS / GNSS
  • Accuracy @ shipment typ. < 5x11 at 25c
  • Tempco < 2E-10
  • Temp -10 to 60C
  • Aging < 5E-11/mth, typ. < 3E-11/mth
  • Holdover < 1µs/24hr*, < 7µs/week* < 3µs/24hr** < 7µs/24hr*** *temp profile +2C **temp profile within 20C ***temp profile within 40C
  • Warm-up time @ 25C 12 min, 5E-10
  • Power (operating) < 7-20W
  • Voltage 24V
  • Warmup < 32W
  • Size (WxHxL) 140x101.3x28.5mm | 5.51x3.98x1.12"
  • Weight 720 g | 1.58 lbs

Support and Documentation

iSync+ Low Noise & Rugged SRO-5680 Spec
pdf (446KB)
iSync+ Smart SRO-100 & SRO-5680 SynClock+ Manual
pdf (1,274KB)

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