Traceable Time Package

Traceable Time Package

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Monitoring Architecture

Traceable Time Package (TTP) is based on Hoptroff TTaaS® which consists of

  • A Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) timefeed originated from a network ePRTC, which is traceable to the Swedish National Metrology institute for Time (RISE). This timefeed is transferred via a VPN
  • The Hoptroff Time Suite Enterprise (TSE) application, which runs on a customer server, and performs traceability monitoring, including configurable reporting, logging and alerting.

The Need to Supplement GPS

GPS may be very accurate, but there are reasons why it needs to be supplemented.  Interference with the weak signal, for example, which can be unintentional, or intentional, for example signal jammers, or even from multipath reflection.   Spoofing of satellite signals is inevitable in zones of conflict today.  And there are not just RF problems.  Satellite programming errors happen on a regular basis, and cyberattack is an increasing concern.

The Traceable Time Package (TTP) brings increased time distribution resiliency thanks to a UTC traceable network ePRTC.

It provides continuous, GNSS independent, traceability monitoring of delivered time, with reporting, auditable logging and alerting capabilities.

The Traceable Time Package (TTP) is simple to deploy and easy to operate and manage, with no need for proprietary fabric, leased line or being hosted in a datacenter.

Time transfer with accuracies of 100s of microseconds to milliseconds is performed securely through a VPN and compatible with any IT infrastructure.

The Timing Traceability package complements Orolia’s EdgeSync time server and includes premium 24/7 technical customer support, advanced replacement, proactive notification of software upgrades, priority service first class ranking and free ground shipping of repairs.

The Timing Architecture Includes:
  • The VPN, between Hoptroff and customer facilities, supporting the Hoptroff TTaaS® timefeed
  • EdgeSync time server (to be ordered separately from Traceable Time Package (TTP)). EdgeSync can be configured with GNSS or TTaaS® as the primary reference. EdgeSync is the PTP GrandMaster or NTP server within the customer facility.
  • TSE application, running on the monitoring server, compares the time extracted from the TTaaS® timefeed and the time coming from EdgeSync.
  • TSE elaborates verifiable and auditable data reports. Compliance reports are generated in seconds and can be automated. KPIs are source traceability, accuracy and granularity. Alerts can be configured with time offset thresholds.

Support and Documentation

Timing & Traceability Package by Hoptroff and Orolia
pdf (249KB)
Traceable Time Package (TTP) Manual
pdf (1,790KB)

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