White Rabbit Switch v3.4.

White Rabbit Switch v3.4.

The key element of the White Rabbit network Request Quote View Data Sheet

WR Switch

It is the first commercial available device developed with the White Rabbit (WR) Technology. It distributes Time and Frequency within a sub-nanosecond accuracy to thousands of nodes through standard optical fiber over Metro Area network distances. It also works as a basic data switch. It is the basic element for scientists and technologists looking for experimenting with WR technology and to evaluate features like deterministic time transfer or dynamical self-calibration of optical fiber links.

  • Deterministic time distribution with accuracy 1 ns.
  • Long distances (hundreds of Kms).
  • Many hops (14 tested keeping subnanosecond accuracy).
  • Subnanosecond accurate event timestamps (ps for Ethernet traffic).
  • Dependable: redundant network topologies.
  • Future support of: switchover and holdover functionalities for next releases.
  • High scalability.
  • Heterogeneous timing interface (PTP, NMEA, etc).
Key Features:
  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy
  • 18 SFP 1GbE ports
  • Time and frequency distribution
  • Distance range over 100km in 1-hop
  • First device supporing White-Rabbit protocol
  • Large community of users

Product Documentation

White Rabbit Switch-Datasheet
pdf (695KB)

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