GPS/GNSS Simulators

GSG Series GPS/GNSS Simulators

The GSG-5 and -6 series simulators are powerful yet affordable GPS/GNSS RF generators for the most comprehensive testing of navigation devices and systems.

Simulator Configurations

  • GSG-51: 1-channel GPS/GNSS L1 RF signal generator for manufacturing test
  • GSG-5: 4-, 8-, or 16-channel GPS/GNSS L1 RF signal generator for advanced testing
  • GSG-6: 32-, 48-, or 64-channel GPS/GNSS multi-frequency signal general for the most advanced systems

Advanced Multi-Simulator Systems

Advanced Multi-Simulator Systems

Spectracom simulators have unique synchronization capability to be utilized in advanced test systems and pseudolite-like infrastructure.

Advanced Configurations

  • Combining multiple RF outputs with hundreds of signals
  • Testing CRPA and other directional antenna systems
  • Generate live sky GPS signals in a GPS-denied environment

GPS/GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

Achieve a full understanding of how a GPS navigation system reacts in a spoofing situation.

Laboratory or field testing scenarios

  • Spectracom GPS simulators are configured to fully control "real" versus "faked" signals
  • For those authorized for field testing, a transportable system can be integrated to a detection, tracking and RF transmission system

GPS/GNSS Application Packages