Affordable Software-Defined GNSS Simulator

BroadSim From Orolia Talen-X

Affordable Software-Defined GNSS Simulator For Advanced Signal Simulation

Orolia’s BroadSim GPS/GNSS Simulator supports high dynamics, advanced jamming, spoofing and encrypted military signals. Powered by our Skydel SDX GNSS simulation technology, BroadSim can simulate multi-frequency/multi-GNSS signals, including P-Code, P(Y) Code, and AES M-Code. It also has a path to MNSA M-Code.

Why Choose BroadSim?

BroadSim is revolutionizing the GNSS industry with its extraordinary flexibility, affordability and rapid development cycles. By leveraging Orolia’s 1,000 Hz Skydel SDX navigation technology and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) radios, it can simultaneously simulate encrypted and unencrypted GNSS signals at a fraction of the cost of comparable simulators. BroadSim is unique in that it takes advantage of state of the art RF COTS hardware during processing and generates signal data within the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Its ability to generate multi-frequency encrypted codes on a COTS system maximizes scalability and value, while reducing time to market.

BroadSim Specifications

  • 1,000 Hz simulation iteration rate
  • Live Sky time synchronization
  • High end performance (precision, resolution, ultra-high dynamic motion)
  • Simulate hundreds of satellites in real time, using off the shelf graphics cards (GPU)
  • Differential GNSS and multi-vehicle simulation (Real Time Kinematics – RTK)
  • Comprehensive and intuitive API (Python, C# and C++ open source client)
  • Scalable and highly flexible architecture using software-defined radios
  • On-the-fly scenario reconfiguration
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom receiver trajectories


Software-Defined GPS/GNSS Simulator for Advanced Signal Simulation. 14 May, 2019. BroadSim (A)
pdf - 439 KB—  May 14, 2019 [ Permalink ]
Diagram of the BroadSim Controller's back panel.
pdf - 814 KB—  May 23, 2018 [ Permalink ]
Diagram of the BroadSim Controller's front panel.
pdf - 805 KB—  May 23, 2018 [ Permalink ]
Diagram of the BroadSim Generators's back panel.
pdf - 817 KB—  May 23, 2018 [ Permalink ]

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