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Flexible GNSS simulatorFully-featured, software-defined

Orolia’s Skydel Simulation Engine offers the best of both worlds: the performance you expect from a top-grade GNSS simulator, coupled with the economy of scale and flexibility of the GPU/SDR architecture.

Packed with a rich feature set including a 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, remote control from user-defined scripts, and a virtually unlimited number of channels, Skydel offers unmatched flexibility and scalability.

And all of this, packaged in a well-thought-out user interface.

Skydel Simulation Engine is a fully-featured, software-defined GNSS simulator.

With Orolia’s Skydel Simulation Engine, you can either:

Select a turnkey system


Select the software only and use/reuse your own hardware.


In both cases, you obtain a complete, real-time GNSS simulator using repurposable hardware. The Skydel Simulation Engine supports multiple constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) and multiple frequencies (upper and lower L-band).

The Concept Behind Skydel

Traditional GNSS simulators rely on FPGAs and custom-designed hardware which are either too expensive or provide limited capabilities.

Orolia’s Skydel Simulation Engine uses GPU-accelerated computing and software-defined radios (SDR). This architecture is based on mass-produced hardware which benefits from an economy of scale and high performance.

Moreover, it enables additional capabilities only possible with a software-defined approach to GNSS simulation.



Create economy of scale and eliminate hardware dependency. COTS hardware free users from dedicated platforms, while generic hardware allows to repurpose equipment for different projects. Skydel solutions are scalable and easily upgraded.

Exploit the unique capabilities of a software-defined GNSS simulator. Dynamic jammers, custom waveforms, faster-than-realtime simulation and selectable RF/IF frequency are just a few possibilities enabled by the software-defined approach.

Key Features


Powerful Automation

Get ultimate control with Skydel's powerful API. Easy to use and comprising over 250 commands, this API brings an unparalleled level of control over the simulation. It allows the user to build highly complex, elaborate and repeatable scenarios. Skydel comes with open source client libraries for Python, C# and C++.



Trajectory simulation from the ground up to GEO orbits. The user-friendly interface allows you to configure Earth-orbiting spacecraft trajectories, atmospheric models, multiple GNSS constellations and 3D antenna patterns.


Differential GNSS and Multi-Vehicle Simulation

Multi-vehicle positioning data can greatly improve GNSS location accuracy. For example, in Real-Time Kinematics (RTK), a rover precise location is computed by using base station position data.

Orolia’s Skydel does multi-constellation, multi-signal differential GNSS by synchronizing multiple simulators. For RTK applications, each instance of Skydel will simulate the GNSS signals for either vehicle.


Skydel is packed with a rich feature set — multi-constellation/ multi-frequency signal generation, remote control from userdefined scripts, and integrated interference generation.
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