ThreatBlocker GPS Jamming and Spoofing Protection

ThreatBlocker GPS Jamming and Spoofing Protection

  • GPS and GNSS jamming and spoofing detection device

The Problem

It is known that GPS disruptions can affect various networks, the ability to perform a mission, or critical infrastructure. The ability to access trusted PNT data is becoming more and more critical. Threats are becoming more advanced and also more readily available. Some solutions have entered the market but they often require a completely new set of hardware which could require months of new system integration. Some applications may only work with existing legacy technology.

The Solution

ThreatBlocker System

ThreatBlocker was jointly developed by Talen-X and The Aerospace Corporation, leveraging Talen-X’s BroadShield software for jamming and spoofing detection and Aerospace’s Blind Interference Signal Suppression (BLISS) algorithms for jamming suppression. As a system, ThreatBlocker provides ultimate protection.

What is BroadShield?

Over 75 algorithms that detect when jamming and spoofing are present in the environment. More about BroadShield >

What is BLISS?

A digital processing technique to suppress jamming signals .

Why Use Them Together?

When paired together, these two technologies produce a formidable deterrent to intereference. When BroadShield detects jamming, BLISS algorithms are enabled. When BroadShield detects spoofing, the system is alerted to cut RF from passing downstream. This protects downstream receivers from processing deceptive signals.

Ideal Applications

ThreatBlocker block diagram
  • Critical infrastructure locations requiring anti-jam with a single antenna (FRPA)
  • Protection from Personal Privacy Device (PPD) jammers
  • In-line jamming and spoofing protection (ground, air, sea)

How Do I Use It?

ThreatBlocker is designed to be installed in-line with your existing hardware in between a Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna (FRPA) and the GNSS receiver/system. ThreatBlocker only requires a 5V power input to be operational. The system has LED status indicators for real-time awareness however, the system is designed to be a set-it and forget-it protection unit.

ThreatBlocker application

Real World Results

ThreatBlocker results

Shown to the left are actual results from recent testing done in a real-world Over-The-Air environment, in which ThreatBlocker succesfully detected and suppressed jamming signals. Impressively, a vehicle protected with ThreatBlocker was able to navigate for 30km more than without.


  • ThreatBlocker can detect jamming, detect spoofing, protect from jamming, and protect from spoofing
  • Small Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
  • Inline system, compatible with legacy and modernized downstream PNT systems
  • Enable operations in GPS-disrupted environments



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ThreatBlocker GPS Jamming and Spoofing Protection Device
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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