Spectratime Force-2020 Rugged Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator

Spectratime Force-2020 Rugged Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator

  • Force-2020 Rubidium Oscillator

Force-2020 Oscillator Overview

The Force-2020 is a new, smart, low cost, rugged, low g-sensitivity, anti-vibration, ultralow noise, very high frequency, compact GPS/GNSS-disciplined Rb oscillator clock module (SynClock+ GPSDO).

It outputs frequency up to 500MHz. The Force uses the patented SmarTiming+® technology, disciplining an external SAASM or a non-SAAMS GPS or GNSS 1PPS reference up to 100,000 seconds with an auto-adaptive loop time operating at 1ns resolution based on the GPS/GNSS reference noise and jitter level, providing state-of-the-art frequency and timing performance. Additionally, it integrates an ultralow noise OCXO with optional low g-sensitivity and a single or dual vibration-isolated trays for the OCXO and/or the Rb oscillator, depending on the application requirements. The Force is well suited for highly dynamic defense platform applications, including tactical helicopter and ground/airborne radar, UAV/UGV drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle), shipboard, and secure ground/air radio communications and mobile satcom systems.

Force-2020 Features & Applications

Key Features

Specifications Standard Options
Output (RFOut)
100MHz (500MHz upon request)
Accuracy @ shipment typ. < 5x11 @ 25C
< 1E-10
0 to 50C
< 5E-11/mth, typ. < 3E-11/mth

extra temp upon request

Stability (ADEV)

2E-11, typ


5E-11, typ
Phase noise

1 Hz
10 Hz
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
(dBc/Hz) @ 10MHz
Static    Under Vib Profile
-105     -85
-135     -95
-155     -125
-164     -164
-165     -165
(dBc/Hz) @ 100MhH
Static    Under Vib Profile
-70       -64
-100     -74
-130     -100
-155     -143
-176     -172
PPS IN/OUT IN: 1x 1PPS    OUT: 2x 1PPS
PPSOUT Holdover

< 1µs/24hr*, < 7µs/week*
< 3µs/24hr**
< 7µs/24hr***
*temp profile +2C
**temp profile within 20C
***temp profile within 40C
Warm-up time @ 25C
Settling time

Single*       Dual**
< 10min      < 12min
< 30min      < 30min
* single anti-vibe OCXO tray
** dual anti-vibe OCXO & Rb tray
< 10min
< 30min

Power (operating)
Warm-up @ 25C
< 15W
16VDC +1V
< 34W
Size (WxHxL)

*152.4x144.7x27.9mm | 6x6.7x1.2"
**152.4x144.7x36.8mm | 6x6.7x1.4"
* single anti-vibe OCXO tray
** dual anti-vibe OCXO & Rb tray

*1.36Kg | < 3lbs
**1.81Kg | < 4lbs
Vibration sensistivity see spec  
Low g-sensitivity see spec


It is typically used in the following applications:

  • High dynamic platforms
  • Tactical helicopters
  • Tactical ground/airborne radars
  • UAV/UGV drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle &  Unmanned Ground Vehicle)
  • Shipboard communications systems
  • Secure ground/air radio communications systems
  • Mobile satcom systems



More Info
10-100MHz Rugged, Anti-Vibration, GPS/GNSS-Locked, Ultralow Noise Rb SynClock+® (Force-2020)
pdf - 536 KB
Monday, November 9, 2020
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White Papers

More Info
Patented Smart SRO Rubidium SynClock+ with Industry'S First SmarTiming+ Technology Inside
pdf - 857 KB
Friday, September 7, 2012
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