Portable ELT Exchange Program

Orolia makes it easier to comply with the special conditions for non-rechargeable lithium batteries through this Portable ELT Exchange Program.

The new Ultima-S brings the latest battery technology and a smart design for straight replacement of most existing portable ELT models.

Certified as per the latest ELT and battery standards ((E)TSO-C126c, (E)TSO-C142b), the Ultima-S can be installed either with a mounting bracket or a carry off bag.

How to Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can qualify for the Portable ELT Exchange Program?

All operators can apply, as long as you replace a portable ELT which is not compliant with the DO-227A standard. ELTs manufactured by Orolia or other ELT manufacturers can be exchanged for the Ultima-S.

What are the benefits of the Portable ELT Exchange Program?

While the program launched to make the compliance to the recent lithium battery requirements more affordable, operators benefit from:

  • Free of charge recycling and scrapping of your existing ELTs
  • Upgrade to newer and safer technology through the new Ultima-S ELT at a specific price
  • Alignment with the DO-227a standard already applied to newly manufactured aircraft
  • New 24-month manufacturer warranty on parts supplied as part of this program
  • Investment in state-of-the-art technology, avoiding maintenance and service of old equipment for battery replacement or repairs

What is the Exchange Program duration?

Applications must be received between January 1st 2021 and December 31st 2021. Delivery dates can be customized according to operators’ planning, beyond December 31st 2021.

On which aircraft can I install the Ultima-S ELT?

The Ultima-S can be installed on any commercial aircraft either through a specific aircraft manufacturer based configuration or a generic version meeting the Survival ELT latest standards for weight, size and space envelope.

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