Kannad Aircraft Antennas

  • AV200 Whip Antenna
  • AV300 Rod Antenna
  • AV500 Blade Antenna

Kannad Aircraft Antennas Overview

A choice of 406 / 121.5 MHz antennas is available to suit any sub-sonic aircraft. For most GA applications, the AV200 whip antenna is the logical choice, combining high performance with entry-level pricing. Most helicopters will be better suited to the AV300 rod antenna, as will aircraft with a VNE in excess of 250 knots. For all aircraft with a VNE in excess of 350 knots we recommend the ANT500 blade antenna.

The Kannad Integra ELT has a built-in 406 MHz antenna. Provided the unit is mounted in a position where it can see at least a part of the sky, either in a glassfibre fuselage or under a canopy, an external 406 MHz antenna should not be needed, though national regulations may still require one to be fitted. Check with your installer for the rules in your country.

Kannad Aircraft Antennas Features & Details

AV200 Whip Antenna

  • A whip antenna suitable for aircraft speeds up to 250kts
  • Dual frequency 121.5/406MHz
  • Can easily be installed through a single hole (Ø 13 mm, 0.515 in.) in the aircraft skin
  • Female BNC connector
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • VSWR:
    • 2.0:1 or better@121.5 MHz
    • 1.5:1 or better@406 MHz
  • Weight: 85g
  • Height: 609.6mm

AV300 Rod Antenna

  • A glassfibre rod antenna suitable for aircraft speeds up to 350kts. Also suited to helicopter installation where vibration can be an issue for whip antennas.
  • Triple frequency 121.5/243/406MHz
  • Metallic base plate with 3 fixing holes
  • BNC connector
  • VSWR:
    • 2.0:1 or better@121.5 MHz
    • 2.0:1 or better@243 MHz
    • 1.5:1 or better@406 MHz
  • Max. Power 10W CW,
  • Efficiency > 85%,
  • Weight: 255g,
  • Height: 355mm

ANT500 Blade Antenna

  • The ANT500 is used primarily by airliners, but can be fitted to any sub-sonic aircraft.
  • Triple frequency 121.5/243/406MHz
  • Fully compatible with the range of KANNAD 406 ELTs (except 406 AF-COMPACT)
  • T6 Aluminium + glass fibre
  • Skydrol resistant enamel Finish
  • BNC connector
  • VSWR <2.3
  • Max. Power 5W CW,
  • Vertical polarisation,
  • Weight: 730g,
  • Height: 249mm


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