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Orolia OmniCom Solar Overview

Communications, Tracking & Distress Beacon for Artisanal Vessels

The Orolia OmniCom Solar is a highly portable, tamper-proof, solar powered communications tracking and distress beacon, featuring the PRISMA software platform, that provides a comprehensive Safety, Monitoring and Tracking solution for vessels, including artisanal fisheries. Containing either Iridium satellite or cellular network technologies, OmniCom Solar offers fleet management, location reports, distress alerts, and two-way messaging to a wide range of previously isolated and low technology vessels. Orolia, a global leader in maritime technology, offers this unique solar powered, easy to install beacon with local fishing community technology that can be tailored to vessels for comprehensive communications, location, and search and rescue support.



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OmniCom Solar is a highly portable, tamperproof, solar powered, communications, tracking and distress beacon.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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