GNSS/GPS Simulators

GNSS Simulation

GNSS/GPS Simulators

A World Leader in Testing & Simulation

Orolia’s Testing and Simulation Solutions deliver the confidence of knowing how your critical system will perform across a wide variety of GPS/GNSS signal and PNT data limitations, outages, interference and environmental factors. The more you know, the better you can plan for continuous operations.

Key Features

  • Software-Defined Flexibility — Opt for a turnkey solution or reuse your own SDR
  • Leading-Edge Capabilities — Fully-featured GNSS simulators & unique software-defined characteristics
  • High-End Performance — 1,000 Hz simulation iterationrate, high dynamics & real time, best in class accuracy

GNSS Simulators Family

Orolia GNSS Simulators Family

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GPS/GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

Achieve a full understanding of how a GPS navigation system reacts in a spoofing situation.

Laboratory or field testing scenarios

  • Spectracom GPS simulators are configured to fully control "real" versus "faked" signals
  • For those authorized for field testing, a transportable system can be integrated to a detection, tracking and RF transmission system

GPS/GNSS Application Packages

Navigation warfare (NAVWAR) is an increasing area of focus for military missions, and it includes a wide range of Electronic Warfare strategies. One of the fastest-growing threats worldwide is GPS/GNSS signal jamming and spoofing. 
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The world’s most GPS/GNSS reliant systems trust Orolia for mission assurance when failure is not an option.
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