GNSS/GPS Simulators

GNSS Simulation

GNSS/GPS Simulators

A World Leader in Testing & Simulation

From Essential to Advanced, Orolia’s family of GNSS Simulators helps bring your device from the lab to the field, delivering the tools and capabilities needed to test its operational performance across a variety of commercial and defense PNT applications.

  • Comprehensive — multiple constellations, frequencies, scenario tools, and optional features.
  • Ease-of-Use — designed with the user at the forefront, from set-up and configuration, to scenario creation and running, to data analysis and reporting.
  • Upgrades, Maintenance and Support — architected to be inherently cost-effective, scalable, and accommodating of future integrations.

GNSS Simulators Family

Orolia GNSS Simulators Family

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GPS/GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

Achieve a full understanding of how a GPS navigation system reacts in a spoofing situation.

Laboratory or field testing scenarios

  • Spectracom GPS simulators are configured to fully control "real" versus "faked" signals
  • For those authorized for field testing, a transportable system can be integrated to a detection, tracking and RF transmission system

GPS/GNSS Application Packages

Navigation warfare (NAVWAR) is an increasing area of focus for military missions, and it includes a wide range of Electronic Warfare strategies. One of the fastest-growing threats worldwide is GPS/GNSS signal jamming and spoofing. 
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The world’s most GPS/GNSS reliant systems trust Orolia for mission assurance when failure is not an option.
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