GPS / GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

GPS / GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems

The Challenge

Hardening GPS/GNSS-based navigation systems against the threat of spoofing.

The Solution

Easy control of "live sky" GPS and "spoofing" signals to understand the reaction of GPS-based navigation in various spoofing scenarios is the key to understand your vulnerability to spoofing attacks and to effectively implement countermeasures.

Understanding the reaction of GPS-based navigation in various spoofing scenarios is the key to hardening the system against spoofing attacks.

The threats to GPS-based navigation systems are ever-increasing. The risk of intentional disruption of GPS signals is moving from simple jamming to a much higher-level of sophistication. Spoofing— an attempt to deceive by broadcasting false GPS signals— can be devastating, leading to loss of assets or, worse, lives. While testing the sensitivity to jamming is basic functionality of GPS simulators, measuring the effects of various spoofing scenarios requires a high degree of complexity.

GNSS Vulnerability Test System

Achieve a full understanding of how GPS-navigation reacts by controlling every parameter in a laboratory environment.

Through the integration and synchronization of two Spectracom GNSS RF generators, the user has full control of the critical parameters to test the susceptibility to spoofed signals compared to simulated ‘live sky’ with varying degrees of the alignment of time, position and RF power. And these tests can be performed under varying motion trajectories, either assuming the spoofer can anticipate the motion or not, and any other condition.

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