GPS Testing with Recorded Signals

GPS Testing with Recorded Signals

Easily create and enhance test simulation scenarios

Recording satellite navigation radio signals from live sky is a convenient way to create a test scenario for repeated playback in the lab. It characterizes a particular environment across a motion path for coverage or interference at that exact time. Orolia offers a record-and-playback option that combines the convenience of playback of recorded signals with the ability to change and add parameters and signals to answer 'what if' questions.

  • What if this route was in a different part of the world
  • What if a satellite dropped out
  • What if I added a multi-path condition..., or interference or a different set of atmospheric conditions
  • What if I added noise to test sensitivity
  • What would be the affect of a leap second

Record and Playback Option

Of the several options available to testers of GPS receivers, simulation allows for the most powerful and comprehensive testing. In contrast to devices that simply record and reply RF signals, simulation allows for the modification of all the parameters of the test scenario and is not limited by the quality of the recording receiver nor the significant memory storage needed for high fidelity playback. Orolia's GSG-RP record and playback option combines the best of the convenience of RF recording with the ability to modify test parameters when using a Orolia GSG-5 or -6 series GPS simulator.

Key Features:

  • True life constellation replication
  • Automatic scenario generation​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Modify signal parameters during test ​​​​​

Product Details

The GSG-RP record and playback option is supplied with a GPS recording receiver and an interface to Orolia’s GSG StudioView™ software. Any receiver that records NMEA can be used. The data needs to contain the $GPRMC, $GPGGA, and $GPGSV sentences.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect the recording receiver to a laptop running the software and record
  2. Connect the laptop to the simulator, edit the scenario as desired, and run the playback generator
  3. Connect the simulator the receiver under test and run the scenario


GPS Simulator Model Compatibility

The GSG-RP GSG Record and Playback Option works with any Orolia GSG-5 or -6 series simulator:

  • The GSG-5 Series Multi-Channel GPS/GNSS Simulator
  • Any GSG-6 Series Multi-Channel and Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS Simulator




More Info
Option to record and convert over-the-air GPS in a test scenario with the ability to make modifications.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013
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